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Here are some alternatives to leaf burning which should be considered.

1. Bag leaves in biodegradable paper bags, or label a reusable container with a yard waste sticker, available at the Village Hall. Palos Parkôs contract with Allied Waste Services includes the disposal of yard waste.

2. Use a shredding lawn mower to shred leaves. These can remain on the lawn and the pieces will disappear and not contribute to thatch build up. These shredded leaves can also be added to mulch beds around trees or added to a compost pile.

3. Permit wild areas to grow up in corners and along boundaries of your yard. Here, leaves can be allowed to remain and you can also add excess leaves. Native plants will volunteer to grow and the birds, butterflies, and wild life will be attracted to the area.

Leaves can be an asset to your maintenance program. Mulching decreases evaporation so less watering needs to be done. Leaf compost adds the proper nutrients to the soil, requiring less commercial fertilizer. Mulching reduces the number of weeds in beds, reducing the amount of gardening involved.