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Beware of Springtime “Tree Gypsy's”
The much-anticipated signs and sounds of spring will make way for the annoying ear ringing chain-saw echoes and the never-ending grinding from wood chippers that seem to endlessly radiate through our tranquil neighborhoods.

Residents might get a knock on their door from a tree worker trying to sell a quick tree removal or a magical potion that will cure a sick tree. The salesmen will tell you that they are working next door or on the next street over and they can do work for you at a good price.

All contractors including “Tree Workers” must be licensed through the Village’s Building Department to do work. The Village requires that contractors get licensed to ensure the proper insurance and bond documentation have been presented.

The man knocking on the door will tell you they are licensed to work in Palos Park, however it is illegal for any business working in Palos Park to go door to door and solicit any business without first obtaining a Village permit.

Residents are urged to verify before hiring any “Tree” company that the proper Village of Palos Park licensing requirements have been met. Residents can contact the Village Hall at 448-2700 to verify the tree contractor is properly licensed. Tree removals can be very dangerous. It is important to hire a professional, licensed and bonded company that can safely remove any tree. Normally, a good indicator a “Tree” company is not properly licensed through the Village is if they knock on your door in the early evening or on a weekend when Village offices are closed.

Residents may contact the Palos Park Police Department after office hours to verify a “Tree or Landscape” contractor is legitimate at 448-2191. Residents witnessing trees being questionably removed from Village property should contact the police immediately