Tree Body of Palos Park


Tree Body of Palos Park
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“Winter in the Park”

Fall’s wonderful annual color show has ended almost as quickly as it began. Winter’s long bone-chilling frigid squeeze has set in for the next few months. With Christmas quickly approaching, Palos Park has brightened up with the colorful seasonal lighting show which seems to sparkle brightly from our community’s unique tranquil homes. Breath-taking lights endlessly sparkle from frosted snow covered spruce trees and tall leafless oak trees in surrounding yards.

Although the winter conditions keep us close to the comfort of our warm and cozy homes, the snowy winter months allow us to see inhabitants that aren’t commonly seen during the spring and summer months. Various animals such as red fox and white-tailed deer venture out of their habitat foraging for food and shelter. Birds, squirrels and rabbits give chase to one another under bird feeders and nut trees leaving their many different foot prints in freshly fallen snow. Winter’s days may be short and cold, but take the time to enjoy the seasonal treats our environment offers. Remember, although it seems a long way away, “spring” is right around the corner.

The winter months are the best times to prune trees. Different species of insects that invade freshly cut trees have been killed off by the cold weather and the fresh prune cuts on the trees don’t pose risk from insect invasion. Residents should take advantage of the pruning program with “Groundskeeper Landscaping”. Call 708-301-7441 and tell them you would like to participate in the .