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1. ROLL CALL: The meeting of Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of Palos Park, Cook County, Illinois was called to order at 7:30 p.m. Answering to roll call was Steve Maier, Jerry Dill, Jack Martin and Phyllis Adams. Chairman Lencioni, and Nancy Konior were absent. Staff in attendance was Steve Manning, Community Development Director and Kathie May, Deputy Clerk.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Steve Maier moved, seconded by Jerry Dill, to approve the minutes of February 13th, 2011 meeting as presented

Upon roll call vote, the motion carried as follows

AYES: -4- Steve Maier, Jerry Dill, Phyllis Adams and Jack Martin
NAYS: -0-
ABSENT: -2- Nancy Konior and David Lencioni3. PUBLIC HEARING:

A. Mike and Lora Salerno, 12018 S. Winslow Road
Two setback variances for a shed:

1. 5 foot variance to the required 15 foot side setback

2. 33% variance or 10 foot setback between house and garage

Discussion: Mr. and Mrs. Salerno presented their site plan. In July 1999, Mr. and Mrs. Salerno applied for a permit for brick pavers for their driveway and stairs, a retention wall and foundation for a future structure. They did not add the structure at that time because of monetary reasons. The plan was to build it in the future. Their house is on a hill and when they first moved in the basement didn’t have a sump pump. They removed part of the hill behind the house and installed a sewer system to take water away from house in their back yard and put in a retaining wall. They had a Wayne Lody engineer the project. They had to remove 28 truck loads of dirt because the entire back yard was a hill. Mr. Salerno put together a packet with pictures and information. They need a new shed because the existing shed rotted out. He described that their driveway was long and on a hill. Mr. Salerno confirmed with Steve Manning that Village code does not allow an accessory structure to be located in the front of the house. In addition, they have a large hickory tree on the west side of their property. They consulted with Homer Tree Service who recommended that they build the retaining wall at least 12 feet from the tree in order to preserve it. Mr. Salerno presented pictures from all their neighbors showing that the structure would not be a nuisance and also stated they were not against the structure.

Steve Manning said that hardship has to meet all three criteria site conditions, development design and community impact. On site conditions he said they are very limited because of the trees and the hill. As for the developmental design, the only place to put the accessory structure because of the sewer system and retaining walls. Jack Martin asked Steve Manning if the Village had any notes or minutes from Mr. Salerno’s original permit application. Mr. Manning said the 1999 permit didn’t have notes or minutes but it did not permit construction of a new shed or garage. The 2004 permit application was for a shed but was denied because it did not meet setbacks. Mr. Martin inquired if he applied for a variance when he installed the foundation for the structure. Mr. Salerno stated that he did apply for a variance because at the time it was only a permit for a foundation and not for an accessory structure. Mr. Martin asked if he could go any farther south with the structure and was told no by Mr. Salerno because of the sewer system. Mr. Manning said he had asked for Mr. Salerno to draw his storm sewer on his survey. Mr. Manning said if the shed was turned 90 degrees it would extend 11 feet into the back yard beyond the existing foundation is and would not disrupt drainage or storm sewer and he would meet all the setbacks. Mr. Manning said a slab only meets code setback 10’ from property line. Mr. Maier believed the initial plan was for the building of a garage. Mr. Dill was concerned that there was no permit issued before the structure was installed. Mr. Dill believed that the homeowner’s initial plan was to build a garage. In 2004, Mr. Salerno stated that he fell ill and could not proceed with the project. There was discussion between Mr. Maier and the homeowner on whether the plat of survey was accurate. Mr. Dill reminded Mr. Salerno that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply for permits.

Mr. Dill asked for a motion to grant to approve a 5 foot variance to the required 15 foot side setback for the residence at 12018 S. Winslow.

Upon roll call vote, the motion carried as follows:

AYES: -4- Jerry Dill, Phyllis Adams Steve Maier and Jack Martin
NAYS: -0-
ABSENT: -2- Dave Lencioni and Nancy Konior

Mr. Maier asked for a motion to grant to approve a .333 foot variance to the required 10 foot setback for the residence at 12018 S. Winslow.
Upon roll call vote, the motion carried as follows:

AYES: -4- Steve Maier,Phyllis Adams, Jerry Dill and Jack Martin
NAYS: -0-
ABSENT: -2- Dave Lencioni and Nancy Konior
Jack Martin left meeting at 8:44pm


A. Variance Application Form

Mr. Manning stated that the Village Council approved the code changes as recommended by ZBA including variance conditions and hardship criteria. The next step is to revise the application form. Mr. Manning distributed a draft and asked for review and comment by August 1st. Mr. Maier asked if the Village does need 20 copies for the packet. Mr. Manning stated that 20 copies are necessary because they are needed for the Village Council and ZBA members and for the file. Mr. Maier asked if when the packet refers to certain code, that the staff could include a copy of that code for reference.


6. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Mrs. Rogers stated that she finds it hard to believe that residents move into Palos Park and don’t follow the rules and do not bother to pull permits for work that is being done.

7. ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business, Steve Maier moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 p.m. Upon voice vote the motion carried unanimously.

Minutes respectfully submitted,

Kathie May
Deputy Clerk




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