Recycle Palos - Planting/Gardening Pots


Sid's Plastic Pot Recycling Program
Sid's is helping to close the recycling loop by accepting most types of garden plastic for recycling at each of our stores. The pots will be given a second like as playground equipment. bottle caps, fans, electronic housings, and other useful items.

Acceptable plastics for this program include:

  • Cell Packs
  • Tray
  • Pots of all sizes
  • Hanging Basket Containers

Garden edging, plastic sheet materials, food plastic and clay pots cannot be accepted for this program.

Containers will be accepted during business hours at each of our locations from May 1 through August 31st. Before donating, gardeners should:

  • Rinse containers clean to remove soil, rocks, etc.
  • Remove any metal hangers or hooks
  • Sort containers by type (type only, not color):
    • Polystyrene cell packs and trays (#6 plastic)
    • All other plastic pots (#2 and #5 plastic)

In addition to donating pots, gardeners may pick up any donated pots for use in their home gardens.

Sid's Greenhouse, Garden Center, Florist
10926 Southwest Highway
Palos Hills, IL


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